Our goal is for our clients — small-business leaders — to learn how to be empowered to be their own success creators.

EA logoWhether they are an author with a new book, or a nonprofit promoting their website, they are a small business and need help becoming all that they can be.

Our team coaches business owners through their needs toward success:

  • From how to write a book or marketing materials
  • To editing the manuscript
  • Helping them get published
  • Launch their published books on their own websites
  • Maintaining and developing their websites to Google standards


  • Learn how COACHING can help you reach your goals
  • Find creative MARKETING ideas to get your audience built
  • Experience EMPOWERMENT MARKETING to train you how to manage your own SEO needs for Google
    • Editing
    • Marketing
    • Publishing
    • Website Design and Maintenance
    • Design
    • Coaching for content required for Google SEO
    • Marketing ideas and set up
    • Understanding Google & SERP
Email us at info@editingaddict.com to get a quote or schedule a call with one of our team.


INCLUDES: monthly submission of writing for coaching edit

    • Submitting once a month: five pages of writing for a coaching edit
      • Coaching edit includes:
        • Written notes
        • Links & videos for research (if applicable)
        • Ideas for author’s own research, character development, or plot creation
        • Challenges for writer growth and how to make the writing stronger


INCLUDES: writer coaching, questions answered on calls & in email

    • Writer Coaching
    • Two 15-minute Zoom calls to ask questions about writing or notes (video conference call)
    • Two question-filled emails answered


INCLUDES: writer coaching, question & learning coaching, double submission + questions answered on calls & in email

    • Writer Coaching
    • Question & Learning Coaching
    • Submitting a second round of five pages for a coaching edit
      • This is not at the same time as the first set
      • It is a help to grow from learning from the first coaching edit
    • Two more 15-minute Zoom calls
    • Two more question-filled emails answered


INCLUDES: writer coaching, question & learning coaching, growth coaching, creative ideas toward publishing, website & marketing training

    • Writer Coaching
    • Question & Learning Coaching
    • Growth Coaching
    • Ideas for moving toward publishing and all the needs accompanied with this move
    • Empowerment Marketing
      • Teaching authors and business owners how to manage their own futures and find answers to their own needs
    • Three-month contract with reassessment and renewal options


INCLUDES: website & marketing training

    • Website & marketing training
      • How to build a website in order to create a platform/fanbase
        • With the added ability of offering (not in monthly fee) a website-building team if the author doesn’t have one
      • How to build and maintain content on website (Search Engine Optimization)
      • What type of marketing fits the author best
      • How to creatively access marketing tools, ideas, and benefits for the author
      • Three month contract with reassessment and renewal options


INCLUDES: Business & Website Packages

    • Writer Coaching
    • Question & Learning Coaching
    • Growth Coaching
    • Business Coaching
    • Website Coaching
    • Three-month contract with reassessment and renewal options

Contact our team today at info@editingaddict.com and schedule an appointment.


  • “There’s truth to the saying that we never stop learning. I know this because I have learned so much from Billi Joy. She’s more than an editor—she’s that solid foundation you absolutely need if you want to put your words (your soul) out in front of the world with confidence that they are a reflection of your very best work. I’ve written without Billi Joy in my corner, and I can honestly say that now, having had her there, I wonder how I ever survived publishing before. She makes my writing better, my sentences stronger, and my story a reader’s singular focus—exactly as it should be. Thank you, Billi Joy. I cannot wait to work together again.”

    Ginger Scott | author @TheGingerScottLittleMissWrite.com | Goodreads | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube |

     2014 Scott, Ginger Twitter note BEST EDITOR EVER

    Ginger Scott

  • “I found Billi Joy to be extremely valuable as a teammate as well as an editor. She demonstrated a high degree of expertise in her editing, and gave me tools for becoming a stronger writer. She was sensitive to my needs, helped me maintain my voice, and willingly gave of her time responding to questions. She is enthusiastic with her work, and I would certainly recommend her for editing.”

    -H. Squires |  @H_Squires | HSquiresNovels.com | GoodreadsLinkedIn | Facebook 


    H. Squires

  • “When I started my book project, I was seeking team members to work alongside me. I found Billi Joy, and am so happy that I did. She has encouraged my writing, challenged me on important growth points, and helped me learn tips for cleaning up my writing. Her edits have been a valuable aid through the process! She always focuses on the importance of the writer-editor relationship as a team, and I appreciate that. I recommend her as both a teammate and an editor.”

    -J.D. Scott | @JDScott_Author | JDScottnovels.com | BlogGoodreads | LinkedIn | Facebook

     Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 4.36.18 PM

    J.D. Scott

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