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BilliJoy Carson

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has a passion for both editing and writing. An honor graduate of LongRidge Writers, she was an active member of Abba’s Writers in Phoenix, Arizona from 2008-2017. From 2015-2017, she was the coordinating leader and teacher of Abba’s Writers. She taught Ink Shop: training, teaching, and techniques on writing, editing, and publishing. She continues theses trainings for small business owners.

With nearly a decade of experience in editing, her projects have included: novels, blogs, articles, résumés, short stories, screenplays, and more. [See references]

She is in a close working-relationship with multiple publishers, including A Book’s Mind, and Armonia Publishing. She is well versed in The Chicago Manual of Style (the standard for book publication).

Photo by johnnykerr.com

BilliJoy believes editing should be done working as a team: “Teamwork brings success.” She comes alongside a writer, bringing her education, experience, and thorough editing process—aspiring to empower and equip authors along their journey, rather than simply critique their work.

She shows up with both her experience and knowledge to every project, from novels to short stories, or screenplays to poetry.

BilliJoy also leads trainings and teachings for authors and business owners. These trainings can include labs for the teams to learn the portions of training.

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