Best Advice for Article Writers

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“1. You Have to Start Somewhere!

“I was told just to write. My heart would do the rest and I would learn professional tips along the way … My writing pathway is now clear and moves forward … into the future.”
– Sandy Giles
“Just get started writing. Writing leads to more writing. Lethargy leads to no writing. The choice is yours.”
– Dr. Erica Goodstone

2. Find Inspiration and Encouragement Everywhere

“Take a cue from your children. When they want something, they will tell you directly with excitement, smiles, and motivating words and actions.”
– Terrance L. Weber
“‘C’mon, can’t you write a bit more?’ – my partner used to say this to me and it ultimately helped me to overcome procrastination.”
– Frederik Kreijmborg

3. Find Your Groove and Motivation

“I’ve found that setting the mood helps … Of course, you have to research your topic, outline your story, or know what you are talking about, but once you’ve settled on the basic gist of the content, you have to get your mind in the right place. Crank up some mood music, light some scented candles or some incense. Take your laptop into the park. Do whatever it takes to control your settings so you are at ease, then let the words pour out. This is where the best, most fluid content comes from.”
– Miriam B. Medina

4. Offer Solutions

“Just offer what can be done to achieve what has been a challenge, provide a solution, and make readers’ lives easier. In a nutshell, you help them win and you will win!”
– Rahman Mehraby

5. Don’t Forget the Importance of Your Title

“Titles are incredibly important! Don’t give away the article in the title, but deliver in your article what you advertised in your title.”
– Shirley Slick

6. Keep it Concise

“The best advice for me was to keep my paragraphs under 5-sentences.”
– Lance Winslow

7. Writing Is a Multi-Step Process

“First, think about the problem your readers want to solve. Second, think about at least 6 ways the problem could be solved. Do the research. Third, think some more about the several ways there are to meet the reader’s needs. Fourth, sleep on it. Fifth, start writing with excitement and enthusiasm. Sixth, put it away and then do the editing tomorrow. Seventh. Done!”
– Terrance L. Weber

8. Allow Yourself Time to Review and Proofread

“Writing and editing are two different ‘zones.’ It’s not always easy to seamlessly transition from the creative storm that came up with all your ideas to the fine-tooth comb you need to make sure those ideas are clear, cohesive, and error-free. If you take the time to step away from a piece of writing and come back later for a final edit and review, you WILL catch mistakes you missed once you’ve given your brain time to refresh itself and relax … A better piece of writing is always worth the time.”
– CH James

9. Allow Your Articles to Evolve and Learn From Your Mistakes

“Come back to the article in a few months to see how it is performing … A great article evolves over time.”
– Scott Bateman

10. The Ultimate Words of Wisdom

“(1) Keep it simple, (2) less is more, and (3) do it now.”
– Jeff Herring”
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