Where’s the Plot?

[found on theunnovelist.com]

“Plot is a braid of three strands:

1. Character Emotional Development

      • The plot exists so the character can discover for himself (and in the process reveal to the reader) what he, the character, is really like: plot forces the character to choose and act.  By making choices and reaping their consequences, the character transforms from a static construct to an animate being.

2. Dramatic Action

      • Action is driven by what the characters want and the conflict that stands in their way.

Thematic Significance

      • Tie the character’s private passion to a bigger, more universal public subject, and the thematic plot line is launched.”

For more great tips and insights on writing structure from The Unnovelist, click HERE.

[found on http://theunnovelist.com/plot/plot.html]

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