Grammar Toolkit

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Have you ever been writing, and realized  you have no idea what words you need—nor if they are a single word, two words, or a compound word? This site,, is an amazing tool for just such a panic attack. Take a look at the example for workout vs. work out:

“Workout vs. work out

As a noun or an adjectiveworkout is one word. As a verb, it’s two words—work out. So, for instance, when it’s workout time, you start your workout, work out for a while, and stop.

Work out is just one of many phrasal verbs with corresponding one word forms that function as nouns and adjectives. The one-word forms are sometimes hyphenated (e.g., work-out), but more often completely compounded. These forms never catch on as verbs in edited writing, though they are often erroneously treated as verbs in more informal contexts.”

To add this site to your toolkit for writing, click here.

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