Write Your Wicked

[found on hsquiresnovels.com; by H. Squires]


“So how do you write wicked characters?

…I usually run down a list of good villains in my head—extracting their “not-so-nice” qualities. One specific sinister trait I enjoy is an intelligent character that teeters on trustworthiness. Another attribute is the unsuspecting or unlikely evil.

Your villain, however, doesn’t always have to be a person. Objects can be most useful. Even items—normally not scary, can become frightful if given the right antidote [sic] of suspense and evil attributes.

Answer questions about your villain(s):

          -First, identify the enemy.
          -If you were the main character, what’s so scary about the bad guy?
          -What sinister qualities does your antagonist have?
         -All characters have a weakness, what’s your villain’s “Achilles Heal”?
          -Does he/she act alone or do they have a group?
          -If the villain isn’t a person, what abilities does the object(s) exhibit?


In the beginning, I wouldn’t resolve the conflict between your main character(s) vs. the bad guy. For now, focus on developing the evil personality—demonstrate several situations that make them “bad”.”

[found on http://hsquiresnovels.com/2014/04/16/where-im-at-wednesday-april-16-2014/]

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