Mad Props (References)

As an Editor:

“As a publisher, I have worked with Billi Joy on many projects. She is both skilled and determined in her editing—a strong asset for writers and publishers. I have found her to be a vital part of the publishing experience, and highly recommend that everyone get her on their team when they want to publish a book.”
-Joshua Babel / publisher with A Book’s Mind | @jjbabel | LinkedIn | Contact |
“There’s truth to the saying that we never stop learning. I know this because I have learned so much from Billi Joy. She’s more than an editor—she’s that solid foundation you absolutely need if you want to put your words (your soul) out in front of the world with confidence that they are a reflection of your very best work. I’ve written without Billi Joy in my corner, and I can honestly say that now, having had her there, I wonder how I ever survived publishing before. She makes my writing better, my sentences stronger, and my story a reader’s singular focus—exactly as it should be. Thank you, Billi Joy. I cannot wait to work together again.”
-Ginger Scott / author {EA’s Featured Writing Addict / Publish Update}
Complete worksBlindness, Going Long, & Waiting on the Sidelines | Goodreads |
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 2014 Scott, Ginger Twitter note BEST EDITOR EVER
“I found Billi Joy to be extremely valuable as a teammate as well as an editor. She demonstrated a high degree of expertise in her editing, and gave me tools for becoming a stronger writer. She was sensitive to my needs, helped me maintain my voice, and willingly gave of her time responding to questions. She is enthusiastic with her work, and I would certainly recommend her for editing.”
-H. Squires / author {EA’s Featured Writing Addict}
Complete works: Sphere of Archimedes 
|  @H_Squires | |
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“Brilliant, meticulous in preparation and an energetic achiever, I highly recommend Billi Joy for her communication acumen and positive spirit. She would deliver top-flight results in any organization fortunate enough to acquire her talents!”
– David Smith / author & poet; Toastmasters Leader
| LinkedIn |
Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 3.45.58 PM
“Billi Joy was on my team through the process of editing my second book. She not only helped me with the language barrier, and with the Biblical references, but she edited the complete work. I was highly impressed by her ability to edit, and her ability to strengthen my writing. I whole-heartedly endorse her for editing!”
-Inseong J. Kim / author & artist
Complete Works: Calling Beyond Healing; Rest In His Love, Our Redeemer, Jesus Christ
| | Goodreads | LinkedIn | Facebook |
“When I started my book project, I was seeking team members to work alongside me. I found Billi Joy, and am so happy that I did. She has encouraged my writing, challenged me on important growth points, and helped me learn tips for cleaning up my writing. Her edits have been a valuable aid through the process! She always focuses on the importance of the writer-editor relationship as a team, and I appreciate that. I recommend her as both a teammate and an editor.”
-J.D. Scott / author {EA’s Featured Writing Addict}
Complete Works: The Disillusionment of Anahera Daniels
@JDScott_Author | | Blog |
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“I gave my book, Winslet of Alphanstance to Billi Joy to edit. I was highly impressed by the ability she has in finding consistency errors, story-line plot points to refine, and facts that need to be added and adjusted. She is gifted in editing. I feel it is my voice and work, yet I knew it has been edited well. I recommend her as a wonderful Content Editor as well as Copy Editor. You want her on your team.”
-Leroy Carson / author
Complete Works: Winslet of Alphanstance
“I am so thankful that I have had Billi Joy on this journey of bringing my book to a reality! She has been an excellent cheerleader and teammate who encouraged me to keep going, and never give up. Her ideas for content changes and sewing up storyline points were gold! She has my endorsement for all aspects of editing!”
-Emjay Luby / author {EA’s Featured Writing Addict}
Complete Works: The Courting Dress
@EmjayLuby | |
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“Billi Joy has edited my work in our writers’ group. She not only correct the mechanics accurately, but she provides refreshing insight about the content.”
-Susan Cottrell / author {EA’s Featured Writing Addict}
Complete Works: How Not To Lose Your Teen; The Marriage Renovation; Mom, I’m Gay — Loving Your LGBTQ Child Without Sacrificing Your Faith
| @freedhearts | |
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“I am writing a novel. When I started, I had no writing experience. I was in need of people, a team, to help me. I found Abba’s Writers, and everyone has encouraged me. Billi Joy’s input has been fantastic; I have learned so much from her challenges and advice, and I no longer can say I don’t know anything about writing my novel. I am becoming an expert, thanks to Abba’s Writers and Billi Joy’s edits.”
-Melissa Varilek / author
| LinkedIn |
“Billi Joy is an excellent editor. Whenever she had edited my work she has been very thorough and always finds things I’ve missed! She has been instrumental in editing the chapters I have written thus far.”
-Kimberlee Cillessen / author
| LinkedIn |


“Billi (Joy) successfully turned around the edits in my document very quickly. I only had about 10 days to get the draft together, and she provided me with guidance in APA as well as grammatical changes.”

– Kyle Wright / college student

2014.07.17 Terri Borman Twitter referral

Terri Borman / children’s author 

As a Writer:

“Billi Joy has a great grasp of storytelling, providing empathy and surprise in a wonderful setting with believable characters. I love to read her stories.”

-Susan Cottrell / author {EA’s Featured Writing Addict}

Complete Works: How Not To Lose Your Teen; The Marriage Renovation; Mom, I’m Gay — Loving Your LGBTQ Child Without Sacrificing Your Faith
@freedhearts | |
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