Complete Book Edits by Editing Addict:

 Erden: Flame of the Creator by Phil Cook
Going Long: Waiting On The Sidelines 2 by Ginger Scott
Moral Virtues by Zach via Dan Olney
Rest In His Love, Our Redeemer, Jesus Christ by Inseong Kim
The Sphere of Archimedes by H. Squires
Winslet of Alphanstance by Leroy Carson

Partial Edits by Editing Addict:

The Courting Dress by Emjay Luby
 The Disillusionment of Anahera Daniels by J.D. Scott

Articles / Bios written by Editing Addict:

H. Squires’ Bio

Sites Built & Maintained:

Album Projects / Research & Creation:

Carson Lineage Album
Noller Lineage Album
Thomas Journey

Published Writing Works (not extensive)

Poetry in Desert Pen Magazine: This Child

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