Featured Writing Addict: Ingris Gonzalez

Ingris Gonzalez


WYANA-Front copyIngris Gonzalez was born in 1979 in El Salvador—a poor country, which was hit with a terrible war in 1980-1981. Her family escaped the war, and immigrated to New York City. She was raised in Union City, New Jersey.

At the young age of seven—her dad, consumed with drugs and alcohol, abandoned his family. Ingris began to write, dedicating journals to her dad and opening her heart to how exactly she felt, day by day, after he left. Ten years passed, and she met her husband and married at the age of seventeen. She and her husband, Chris Gonzalez, moved to Arizona.

Happily married to Chris, Ingris has been an X-ray technologist for many years at County Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, they have two amazing kids: thirteen-year-old Lindsey, and eight-year-old Joshua. As a family, they have grown a big passion to help orphans in Latin America; this has become their reason for their ministry, Alto Precio [High Price] Ministries. Through sales of their music and books, they provide meals to 150 orphans in Juarez, Mexico.

What is Ingris’s Genre?

Christian, Nonfiction, Inspirational

What is  Ingris’s Inspiration?

“Since my dad abandoned us at an early age, I would escape my pain in books and novels as a kid. In my teenage years, I started writing journals, which I dedicated to my dad—I thought one day he would come back, but he never did. Sharing my life story with other women in pain made me feel I had to share all of me with people who are, at this precise moment, living what I lived before.”

Ingris didn’t just write a book; she is dedicating her life—traveling around the world, giving marriage conferences and women’s conferences. She is also reaching female teenagers who are in need of an inspirational word of freedom. Being bi-lingual, she has the opportunity to reach many different ages, cultures, and genres.

What are Ingris’s books about?

Woman, You Are Not Alone
 “Ingris has just completed her first book in order to reach other women who are hurting at this moment. The book Woman, You Are Not Alone is a nonfiction book filled with true-life experiences lived by Ingris. Not only does she share her life with everyone, but she also teaches how to be free from hurt, pain, and disappointments from our past. With every book purchase, Ingris dedicates a percentage to feed orphans in Juarez, Mexico.



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Genre Niche Needed

[found on westbowpress.com]

“Finding Your Niche in a Christian Genre

In both Christian and secular publishing there are different genres. Whether you are an experienced or novice Christian writer, your story will integrate within a particular genre. Therefore, every writer must ask, what is my writing niche and where does it fall in the realms of the various genres?

Your book will be classified under a specific type of category — or genre. A niche takes what you do — your uniqueness, insight, or experience — on a topic one step further, differentiating your writing from other authors within your genre. The journey towards discovering your niche may lead your writing through various avenues but the end result will prove rewarding for you and your writing. Begin by evaluating your own experiences and interests. Then, look inward to evaluate the following writing opportunities:

  • My Writing Life: What do I want to write? Is there a common theme among my writing topics? Do I hold special knowledge or insight into a particular topic? Do I have to/need to write?
  • Nonfiction vs. Fiction: Do I prefer the exploration of ideas or specific facts? Would I rather tell stories or research facts? Am I led by imagination or do I need structure and organization? Do I prefer to create my own truth through my story and characters or present the truth from interviews and studies?
  • Audience: What targeted age group am I most comfortable with? Am I motivated to inspire or to teach? Where do I envision my book in a bookstore? Who do I envision reading an excerpt from my book to?

Defining your niche begins with knowing you. Understand your own writing and style while exploring what it is that makes you different from other Christian writers within your same genre. Recognize the unique positioning in which you can hold an exclusive advantage to. Here is where you will discover your writing voice — your story and your niche.

Once your niche has been defined, study it. Read the works of other writers in your genre and examine the similarities. Your comparison will help you lay out the varying elements of Christian-based works and better understand your position as an author.

Focus your efforts towards enhancing the niche in your book and your writing. Develop your marketing and branding strategy around your niche and create a forte to your writing. Your author blog can supplement your work with active postings regarding your book’s content, helping you to further your own insight into the topics through research.

Writing within a niche allows you to meet the needs of or appeal to a certain segment of readers. As your targeted niche audience grows, your writing profession transforms from writer to niche writer to expert, and, here is where readers, Christians and the Christian publishing industry turns to you for an outlook and inspiration.”

For more tips on writing from Westbow Press, click HERE.

[found on http://www.westbowpress.com/AuthorHub/Articles/ChristianGenreNiche.aspx]

Seven Tips on How to Write a Devotion

[found on faithfulbloggers.com]

“Writing a devotion can offer hope to your readers and inspire them in a way that lectures or plain articles, may  not. A devotional is a very well thought out piece about one very minute topic usually focusing on a particular spiritual lesson. Writing devotionals does not have to be difficult, there are many steps you can take to calm yourself down, get centered and write what God wants you to write.

Yes!  There is something already inside you that God wants you to say. You just have to open your heart to the Holy Spirit, and listen.

  1. Be prayerful — Before you put pen to paper, or rather, start typing, pray. Ask God to tell you what He would have you to write about. What message does He want you to impart? Be mindful of what comes to mind as you are praying. Does a particular person come to mind with a specific issue? Does a specific verse pop into your head? Listen. He will tell you what to write.
  2. Pick one topic — After intensely praying about what to write, pick one topic that comes to mind and be very focused on that one topic. It is easy to get carried away writing with all the ideas that will come to you!
  3. Keep it short — Your devotional should be no more than one page, or 500 words. But it is even better if it’s less than 500 words, shoot for 250 words to keep yourself focused on one small laser targeted topic.  This will also help to keep your reader interested and with you.
  4. Know your audience — When you have your topic, write it to a specific audience, this is known as your “target market” in business, but here, this is your audience. Ask yourself the question:  Who is going to read this devotional? If it helps, write your devotional as if you’re writing it to a dear friend.
  5. Check your facts — Make sure, if you are quoting biblical scripture that you not only check the scriptures to make sure you are not taking something out of context, and that you are quoting it correctly, but make sure you are using a relevant verse to support your devotional.
  6. Inspire action — Ask the readers to do something at the end of your message in your closing paragraph. That action will depend on what your message was about. You can end with a very short prayer if you wish, but keep it related to the message.
  7. Be yourself — Remember to be yourself. You’re not perfect — no human is — and that is perfectly okay. Grammar isn’t as important as your message. Do check your spelling with the spell checker, and have someone else read it if you wish, but the message is the most important thing here.”
[found on http://faithfulbloggers.com/blogging/seven-tips-on-how-to-write-a-devotion]

Featured Writing Addict: Susan Cottrell

Susan Cottrell

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Susan Cottrell is a writer, speaker, and teacher. She is thrilled with her new book, The Marriage Renovation. Married 27 years, she and Rob had to go through their own renovation, and God did more than they ever thought possible. They have five (nearly) grown children. Susan homeschooled for some twenty years… until she ran out of energy! She loves to lead retreats and seminars, and teach women, couples and teens about the freedom for which Christ set them free (Galatians 5:1). Contact her directly, or read her post at marriagerenovation.com.

What’s Susan’s Genre?

Nonfiction: Marriage, Parenting—from the perspective of abiding in Christ.

What’s on Susan’s Heart?

“My heart beats for the discouraged, defeated Christian, to share the freedom that comes from the abiding life of Jesus Christ. I am passionate to teach. I am available on a limited basis to lead retreats for women or couples on MARRIAGE, the ABIDING LIFE OF CHRIST, and PARENTING. I also speak to teens, and young adults, teaching them that the great big God they learned about in church is not stuck in their Bibles, but offers them life on the edge! I am also available for other speaking engagements and teaching opportunities at your church, Bible study or small group.”

What are Susan’s books?

[Susan’s more recent releases]
The Marriage Renovation:
Marriage pic

From The Marriage Renovation… “You’re in the right place, and I believe that by the end of our journey together, we will have the foundations to restore joy and intimacy. You may be new in your marriage and you’ve never had a major disagreement. Or you may be considering divorce. Or perhaps you are somewhere in between — it’s not terrible but it’s not great — even if you’re disgruntled that marriage is not all it was cracked up to be. Wherever you stand, I reach across the pages to say, so much more is available to you. I’m with you, I’ve crawled through the trenches on my hands and knees. God has broken me in places I didn’t know I had places, and He’s healed me as I never thought possible. Let’s take this journey together.”

How Not to Lose Your Teen:
how not to lose your teen

From a sea of parenting advice, emerges How Not to Lose Your Teen—it is a break-through, and intelligent look at parents and teens. Intimate and relatable, Susan shows parents how to decrease their teens’ dependence on them and increase their dependence on Christ. You will be relieved and encouraged as you walk this entertaining and heart-rending journey with Susan.

To reach Susan, buy her books, or schedule her to teach:

Susan’s husband, Rob:

Robert Cottrell, is an indie recording worship artist, his music can be downloaded for free on reverbnation.com, or found on facebook.comRobert Cottrell Music is contemporary Christian worship, a style that is both uplifting and relaxing, with a focus on the grace and love of Jesus. Tender and intimate, his music is not only enjoyable, but also recognizable.164239_10201685175397890_1362926097_n