Unless otherwise noted, the following tools have been donated by both clients & groups, and are not the property of Editing Addict. These tools are to help Writing Addicts—both old and new—to engage their writing styles, and become more accomplished Writing Addicts. Enjoy.


9 Minute Writing Prompts 
Improve Writing With Prompts

Mind Mapping:

Brain Mapping Mind Mapping


Active Voice Versus Passive Voice
Basic copy-editing rules for weeklies
The Case of Like and As
Did I Mis-somthing?
Mnemonic Devices
Omitting That
The Parts of Speech
The Preposition
The Preposition Song
The Proper Use of There is…There are
Punctuation Errors
To Be Has A Hold On Me
Top Ten Grammar Myths

Writing Tools:

ABBA Lesson Ideas for 2012
The Author’s VOICE
Critique (constructive criticism & helpful suggestions)
Editing Exercises In Writing
Effective Flashbacks
Feelings & Emotions
From Concepts to Literature
Helpful Hints
Inky Pinky
Model Sensory Details Chart
Organization of Writing
Self Editing Indicator List 
Strong Verbs
Tone Words
Top Ten Writing Tips To Help You To Write More
Vocabulary Sentences with Varied Beginnings
Words To Replace Said
Write Every Day Chart


Analyzing A Poem
The Anyone Can Write A Poem Formula
The Legend of the Kindness Marble
The Original Twelve Days of Christmas
Plot ThreadsPoem
Poem_Today is Very Boring
Portrait Poem
The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner
Rondeau Poetry
The Storyteller’s Creed
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus


Christ-Centered Goals-Life’s Road Map
Biography of a Classmate 
Daily Christ-Centered Affirmations for Jan-Dec 2013
The History of The Candy Cane
Preparing Your Personal Testimony
The Easter Symbol

Family Tree Writing:

Pedigree Chart

Detailed Writing:

Common Address Abbreviations 
Important Paper Titles


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