About Our Team

Senior Editor, Publisher, & Coach: BilliJoy Carson

IMG_5769 copyhas a passion for editing, writing, and leading people into their highest potential as business owners and leaders in their field.

With over a decade of experience in editing and coaching, her projects have included: novels, blogs, articles, short stories and more [see references].

BilliJoy is in a close working-relationship with multiple publishers, including A Book’s Mind, and Armonia Publishing. She is well versed in The Chicago Manual of Style (the standard for book publication) as well as current leadership and business growth plans and marketing.

BilliJoy believes editing and business coaching should be done working as a team: “Teamwork brings success.” She comes alongside the writer, or business owner, bringing her education, experience, and thorough team-building process—aspiring to empower and equip authors and business owners along their journey, rather than simply critique their work or create a rut where they cannot walk on their own.

She shows up with both her experience and knowledge to every project, from novels to short stories or website content to marketing materials.

BilliJoy also leads trainings and teachings for authors and business owners. These trainings can include labs for the teams to learn the portions of training on SEO, writing, marketing, or design.

BilliJoy is also president and founder of Kick at Darkness and brings these trainings into the nonprofit world.

Contact BilliJoy today: Ask her to join your team or invite her to speak or trainRead the rave reviews from some of her clientele.

Online Marketing & SEO Master: Suzanne Steward

0is passionately driven to empower businesses to stand on their own in the SEO world of online marketing.

She brings a wealth of knowledge from project managing, website design & development, SEO and analytics — all with solutions to enhance the online presence of small businesses and nonprofits and improve their visibility in major search engines.

Suzanne’s understanding in marketing strategy, online trends, and website development makes her an invaluable member of the team and chief empowerment creator for clients.

Contact Suzanne today: Ask her to join your teamSee her profile on LinkedIn.