Script That Comic

[found on; by Neil Gaiman]

“How do you write comics?

When I decided I wanted to write comics in 1985 I went out and bought Will Eisner’s Comics and Sequential Art. If I were doing it now I’d also buy Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics.

I’d look at some comics scripts (there’s one reprinted in the back of Dream Country, although there are an almost infinite number of ways to write a comics script, and that’s only one.)

And then I’d read a lot of comics and try to work out what works and what doesn’t and why. And then I’d start drawing some comics for myself, not for people to see, just to figure out how to get from one panel to the next, one page to the next. If you’re going to work with an artist, now’s a good time to go and meet artists.

You’ll do best if you realise that there is a lot to know. Most bad comics are written by people who don’t know that there is anything to learn… (Many of them were written by writers who are successful in other fields.) Having something to say is fairly essential, too.

Good luck. Write good comics.”

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