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Shadow Wolves: Youthful Inexperience

Our story begins with three teenagers just out of school for the summer, ready for a summer of partying and girls just to find that they are in for a rude awakening. Spending two weeks working on what they thought was routine farm work; Boy are you in for a surprise as the boys endure two weeks of day in the life of basic training and combat. After they get home from their time in hell, watch as the trio unfolds their plans and grow to cause mayhem and use the shadows of the night and attack their plans like a pack of wild wolves. Their passage from teenagers to young adults dealing with broken hearts and their own demons will lead you into a new world of unruliness with some edge. Beware: Enter the shadows into the mouth of the wolf den, if you dare.

Jason S. Blayne is an independent Thriller & YA author who comes from the small community of Lesage, West Virginia. He was raised to attend college and become a doctor, or lawyer, but he decided to take his own route to become an author while studying the Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts industry.
Shadow Wolves: Youthful Inexperience, the first of three books in this new series, was published in July 2014. It twists and turns the traditional timeline sequence—holding readers interested in the missing pieces as the series unfolds.
Jason’s main goal in the Shadow Wolves series—through old emotions and experiences—is to connect to his readers, bringing back the sensations for the more experienced readers in life, and showing the weight of decisions to those younger readers who are looking for a life-path to travel.


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