Schedule…or Never Make It

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“How to Make a Writing Schedule That Works For You

Pull out one of those giant calendars from Office Depot (or use a Google Calendar to sync with your smartphone). Start putting your deadlines in red on the calendar and then place the calendar somewhere next to your writing zone. Consider these deadlines sacred; the world will stop if you don’t make them.

If you don’t have a deadline, get one. Writers wither without deadlines….

Once all the deadlines are on the calendar page, see if there are any recurring themes within the articles. If there are, consider making that your theme for the month. This will not work in every scenario, but if a theme appears, take advantage of it. Think of it as the foundation of the platform you are developing that month.

Creating an editorial calendar may take a few hours, but it will save you time in the end.”

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Today We Remember

Today is 9/11. We remember.

Many books, articles, journals, magazines, pamphlets, and letters have been written about this day—about the trauma and the victory, about the heartache of loss and the joys of salvation.

In the beginning, the words poured from people’s hearts—covering the pages of time, as if simply to cement the moment in history, never to be forgotten. In the years since, stories have been written with greater thought, and deeper research. Our hearts still linger on the loss, but dance in the victory of the survivor stories.

Today, we challenge every Writing Addict to pause, collect thoughts, and write in remembrance of that day. What do you remember?