Rehearse Your Writing

[found on; by Mark Nichol]

“Rehearse your writing by explaining the feel of a room, a street, or a park. Is it expansive, or economical? Friendly, or foreboding? Clean, or chaotic? What do your other senses tell you? What is the noise level? How does it smell? What are the textures like? Is it easy to walk through or along, or to otherwise navigate, or do obstacles interfere?

If your story takes place in a natural landscape, describe the terrain and what associations it has based on whether it conjures a sense of grace, harmony, and peace or whether it is full of bleak, harsh, jagged features. How does the presence of vegetation, or bodies of water, contribute to the feel of the terrain? What effect does the weather produce?

Place your characters in the context of their locations by showing, without telling, whether they are at home in their setting or whether the environment is alien to them, and how they respond to their feelings.”

For more great tips from Mark Nichol, click here.

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8 thoughts on “Rehearse Your Writing

  1. michellejoycebond

    A great reminder always! I love to lead my students through rehearsal activities before we move into writing workshop. I’ll have them close their eyes and lead them through prompts similar to the ones above, tying it into the lesson. Their writing always comes out sooooo much better, and I know–mine does as well. 🙂

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