Feel Not Alone, Dear Writer

[found on quentinschultze.com; by Quentin J. Schultze]

“Discuss Your Writing with Writers (and Authors)
Authors need one another.  Writing is personal, but learning about writing is communal.  Every author depends on the work of earlier writers.  This is true for style and content.  We all need feedback from other writers as well as from readers.  Discussing our ideas and manuscripts with other writers helps us to discover what works and what doesn’t—and why.  Join a local writers group (e.g., through a bookstore), read one another’s drafts, and offer kind but honest feedback.  If possible, invite some published (but humble) authors into the group.  Eventually, sitting at your keyboard or staring at a notebook will not seem so lonely, intimidating, and baffling.”

[found on http://quentinschultze.com/tips-1-5-for-book-writers]

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