Featured Writing Addict: Susan Cottrell

Susan Cottrell

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Susan Cottrell is a writer, speaker, and teacher. She is thrilled with her new book, The Marriage Renovation. Married 27 years, she and Rob had to go through their own renovation, and God did more than they ever thought possible. They have five (nearly) grown children. Susan homeschooled for some twenty years… until she ran out of energy! She loves to lead retreats and seminars, and teach women, couples and teens about the freedom for which Christ set them free (Galatians 5:1). Contact her directly, or read her post at marriagerenovation.com.

What’s Susan’s Genre?

Nonfiction: Marriage, Parenting—from the perspective of abiding in Christ.

What’s on Susan’s Heart?

“My heart beats for the discouraged, defeated Christian, to share the freedom that comes from the abiding life of Jesus Christ. I am passionate to teach. I am available on a limited basis to lead retreats for women or couples on MARRIAGE, the ABIDING LIFE OF CHRIST, and PARENTING. I also speak to teens, and young adults, teaching them that the great big God they learned about in church is not stuck in their Bibles, but offers them life on the edge! I am also available for other speaking engagements and teaching opportunities at your church, Bible study or small group.”

What are Susan’s books?

[Susan’s more recent releases]
The Marriage Renovation:
Marriage pic

From The Marriage Renovation… “You’re in the right place, and I believe that by the end of our journey together, we will have the foundations to restore joy and intimacy. You may be new in your marriage and you’ve never had a major disagreement. Or you may be considering divorce. Or perhaps you are somewhere in between — it’s not terrible but it’s not great — even if you’re disgruntled that marriage is not all it was cracked up to be. Wherever you stand, I reach across the pages to say, so much more is available to you. I’m with you, I’ve crawled through the trenches on my hands and knees. God has broken me in places I didn’t know I had places, and He’s healed me as I never thought possible. Let’s take this journey together.”

How Not to Lose Your Teen:
how not to lose your teen

From a sea of parenting advice, emerges How Not to Lose Your Teen—it is a break-through, and intelligent look at parents and teens. Intimate and relatable, Susan shows parents how to decrease their teens’ dependence on them and increase their dependence on Christ. You will be relieved and encouraged as you walk this entertaining and heart-rending journey with Susan.

To reach Susan, buy her books, or schedule her to teach:

Susan’s husband, Rob:

Robert Cottrell, is an indie recording worship artist, his music can be downloaded for free on reverbnation.com, or found on facebook.comRobert Cottrell Music is contemporary Christian worship, a style that is both uplifting and relaxing, with a focus on the grace and love of Jesus. Tender and intimate, his music is not only enjoyable, but also recognizable.164239_10201685175397890_1362926097_n

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